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Best Tower Defence game I have ever palyed

Great game in every way.

I'm at level 22 and I intend to keep going till at least level 31 or perhaps more. My only problem is the fast forward button, it should be a toggle thing not a press and hold. Apart from that I think the game is great. Really looking forward to the next one hope it improves on this.

P.S. to all those who complain about the coin thing : You do not have to buy anything! there are more than enough maps included and buying level 31 and other upgrades simply takes away the sense of acomplishment everytime you pop the amount of balloons that you need to advance a level.

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At first I was confused by the lack of arrows and the card system but now that I've beaten one campaign and have gotten used to it the new system I must say its really great.

The graphics a good and so is the sound even though the music gets a bit repetitive. In the later missions battles can get really epic and that is a great aspect of theis game especially when the enemy has 80 units and you only have 40 but you still manage to win thanks to the phoenix spell.

The only problemis that once you start a new campaign from "New Game Plus" you keep all your upgrades but not all your mana which means you cant equip all your spells or units. It balances out the game but it is a bit frustrating.

My suggestions for EW4 are to continue working on graphics and sound and to add more variety to the heros (they all look the same). Also an option for your new units to automatically advance forwards would be nice.

Great game 10/10

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artlogicgames responds:

thanks for feedback.


good quality point and click adventure.
Great graphics and story.
I got stuck on the part with the beetle.
Overall great just a bit too hard at some points (aka the beetle part)


I'm not meant to be able to win this thing right?

its a funny spin of what probably was a popular game so i'll give you a 8/10

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this game rlues!!!!!


sorry but this SUCKS!!

Why not to play this Game:
Bad controls
No Upgrades
Horrible reload system
Graphics are so-so
Your gun sucks
You cant shoot upwards or sideways only diagonally down

Don't play this game

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Nice concept

You have a good concept here just try to improve a few things here and there like the controls cause i felt the game was a bit jumpy.

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dyingtokill responds:

thanks for the opinion when i get a chance ill see if i can find away to make the controls a bit more smooth

Great game

I love Oblivion and the similarities between the two games are very clear however it does not feel like a rip off. If you could create a better save system (not even sure if there is one) and perhaps a tutorial which explains what each of the stats does it would be a far better game. Also try to vary the quests a bit since the cave thing gets boring after a while. Oh and make it easier to earn cash because there are so many opportunities once you have several thousand gold but you only earn it at around 90-120 per kill so it takes a while to get 5000 for the final weapon and 2000 froe the shop.

Overall Great game just work on these few points and you'll have a great RPG!
Alternetavly just try to convert the entire elder scrolls engine into flash and work from there but that might take a veeeeery long time and i doubt flash can support it :(


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i got 998m high

good game but the physics are just a little too sensitive. Also if you had the ability to use some kind of second piece other than pylons to balance the tower.
7/10 casuse it becomes too unstable at around 900-1000m

VoidSkipper responds:

Ah nonsense, I've seen towers well over 1800 completely stable. You need to revise your building strategy :P

not bad

a good idea but if you make a sequel the combat system need lots of work

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